Steel Belt Platform Elevator OTP2000

Steel Belt Platform Elevator OTP2000

The steel belt platform elevator belongs to the new product of the household elevator, and the design concept is combined with the screw elevator. It is called the steel belt platform because the traction replaces the traditional steel wire rope with the steel belt to reduce the occupied area. The car does not have the car wall and the car roof as the rear wall protection board, so that the space is fully utilized.

The Odsen steel belt platform ladder uses the industry's more advanced gearless traction technology, which is safe, stable and quiet. The product style is simple and can be combined with various decoration styles. It is an excellent choice for your home travel.

  • Running with steel belt, smooth and noiseless, fast,
  • Comes with an integrated aluminum alloy sightseeing shaft, beautiful and generous
  • The minimum hoistway is 950×1000mm, the top layer height is ≥2800mm, and the pit is 170mm.
  • Space-saving design, provincial civil construction design; high space utilization.
  • Can do three sides to open the door
  • Very easy to install
  • Save electricity and pollution, reduce energy consumption by 40%, and realize elevator-free maintenance!
  • Power saving without pollution, easy maintenance and low cost
  • Obtained European CE certification

Product Details

For fast-paced modern people

The use of elevators has also begun to prevail.

Its simplicity, comfort and warmth

After a busy day

Can experience the comfort of home


Driving principle:


Traction drive, using permanent magnet synchronous traction machine

The traction machine is located at the top of the hoistway, and the traction wire rope/steel belt is connected to the car and the counterweight by the traction sheave. A guide wheel is placed on the traction machine so that the car and the counterweight do not collide in normal operation in the hoistway. The rotation of the motor drives the traction sheave, and the drive wire/steel belt drives the car to operate relative to the counterweight.






Rated load / number of people




Well size (mm)


Platform size (mm)


Opening method

Open the door manually

Door opening size (mm)


Top level height (mm)


Pit depth (mm)

≥170 (no bottom pit optional slope / retrofit step)

Well material

Aluminum alloy frame, glass (standard), aluminum plate (optional)

Maximum lifting height


Most stops


Well appearance

White / Champagne Brush / Red Walnut (standard)

BMW Amber (optional)

Opening structure

Through door / same direction opening / adjacent door

Standard power / power:

220V / 50HZ*380V/50HZ


[personalized customization]


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OTSE-Z001   OTSE-Z002   OTSE-Z003   OTSE-Z005


OTSE-LS101   OTSE-LS105   OTSE-902   OTSE-H06




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