Screw Lift OTL2000

Screw Lift OTL2000

OTSE Screw Lift is suitable for private residences, high-rise duplexes, villas and other places. A variety of options for customers to choose, free to choose a personalized decoration style, to provide real high-end services for the owners. The ladder type is small and flexible, and has low requirements for space civil construction. It is suitable for use in the middle of stairs and other places with narrow positions. Easy to install, it provides you with a safe and smooth ride solution.

  • 0 pit / minimum 50mm pit;
  • Inorganic room, no counterweight, no top height limit, high space utilization;
  • The minimum reserved space is only 950x950mm and can be installed in any place;
  • Can open the door on three sides, practical;
  • Self-contained integrated glass sightseeing shaft, high aesthetics.
  • Easy installation, easy routine maintenance and low cost
  • Screw drive operation, with emergency shutdown leveling, safety is extremely high;
  • Obtained European CE certification, in line with EU MD2006/42/EC and EN81-41 requirements

Product Details

Driving principles:


The screw elevator uses an electric motor as a power source. The motor is connected to the nut by a belt which is meshed with the helical tooth. When the motor is working, the drive nut moves on the screw, thereby driving the platform to move up and down.

Figure 1: Spiral elevator with electric motor as power source


Figure 2: The motor is connected to the nut by a belt that engages the helical teeth.



Figure 3: When the motor is running, the drive nut moves over the screw, causing the drive platform to move up and down.



[Product parameters]



OTL 2000

Rated load / number of people

250 kg / 3


0.15m / s

Well size

1250x1100 mm

Platform size

800x920 mm

Opening method

Open the door manually

Size of the opening


Top level height

≥1500 mm

Pit depth

≥50 mm (optional slope without bottom pit)

Maximum lifting height

Twelve meters

Most stops


Well material

(Aluminum alloy frame, glass (standard), aluminum plate (optional)

Well appearance

(White / Champagne Brush / Red Walnut (standard)

(BMW Amber (optional)

Opening structure

Through door / same direction opening / adjacent door

Standard power / power:

220 V / 50 Hz * 380 V / 50 Hz


[Applicable places]


Private place: suitable for superimposed villas, small villas, sky villas, duplex buildings, etc., which can not dig pits, have limited top floor height, and have only a small reserved size.

Public places: suitable for small hospitals, banks and other public places, with barrier-free elevator installation.


Installation location


Indoor: in the middle of the stairs, next to the stairs, against the corner

Outdoor: by balcony, by window, in the light well






[safety protection]


The safety is higher. In fact, there is always something to hold underneath. Even if the power is lost, the free fall will fall. The screw will also drive the motor to do a large negative work. The drop will be very slow, so the elevator will not fall, and As long as the screw is locked, the free fall can be prevented from falling.

Fire adopts UPS power failure emergency leveling--no power failure

Fire overload protection - when the elevator reaches the load, the overload protection issues a warning bell

Fire safety side - if you accidentally get clothes into the safe side when you go downstairs, the elevator will stop running immediately

Fire safety lock - the door can be operated after the door is closed

Fire rescue device - equipped with integrated control box, including telephone and rescue device


[personalized customization]


Directly to L01   Oz-L03   Oz-L04   Oz-L06


Directly to Z 001   Directly to Z002   Direct-Z003   Directly to Z 005


Directly to LS 101   Directly to LS 105   Oz-902   Oz-h06




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