Ganry Structure OTLM3000

Ganry Structure OTLM3000

The OTSE Traction Gantry Elevator is an elevator with a spacious car. Under the same hoistway size, the car area can be 30% larger than the ordinary elevator. The structure is stable and stable. It can be used for residential, hotel, villa and so on. Occasionally, according to the needs of the owners, provide real high-end customized services.

  • The load is 250-400kg, and it can take 2-5 people.
  • Car elevator with self-contained shaft
  • Inorganic room, top floor height ≥ 2700mm, pit ≥ 400mm;
  • The hoistway size is >1500x1100mm;
  • Gantry structure, the structure is very stable
  • Can be equipped with automatic door
  • With steel belt, no noise, fast speed and high comfort;
  • Both indoor and outdoor
  • Easy daily maintenance;

Product Details

Driving principle:


The traction machine is located at the top of the hoistway, and the traction wire rope/steel belt is connected to the car and the counterweight by the traction sheave. A guide wheel is placed on the traction machine so that the car and the counterweight do not collide in normal operation in the hoistway. The rotation of the motor drives the traction sheave, and the drive wire/steel belt drives the car to operate relative to the counterweight.






Rated load / number of people



0.4m / s

Well size


Car size


Opening method

Open the door manually

Opening size


Top level height


Pit depth

≥200 (without bottom pit optional slope / retrofit step)

Well material

Aluminum alloy frame, glass (standard), aluminum plate (optional)

Maximum lifting height


Most stops


Well appearance

White / Champagne Brush / Red Walnut (standard)

BMW Amber (optional)

Opening structure

Through door / same direction opening / adjacent door

Standard power / power:

220V / 50HZ*380V/50HZ


Installation location


Indoor: in the middle of the stairs, next to the stairs, against the corner

Outdoor: by balcony, by window, in the light well




[personalized customization]


OTSE-D05   OTSE-D06   OTSE-D07   OTSE-D08


OTSE-Z001   OTSE-Z002   OTSE-Z007   OTSE-Z008


OTSE-LS106   OTSE-LS105   OTSE-H01   OTSE-H06




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