Why Did You Choose Otse China Passenger Elevator?


The Otse China Passenger Elevator drive mainframe uses […]

The Otse China Passenger Elevator drive mainframe uses high-precision worm gears, compact structure, large bearing capacity, stable operation and low noise; slim-type escalator new curved inlet with running direction indication and fault code display, safer and more beautiful, black polycarbonate casing Rugged And durable; the handrail belt is composed of rubber surface layer, steel wire reinforcement layer and nylon friction layer.


The hasrail strength roller adopts aluminum core rubber wheel, uniform pressure, long service life and handrail belt drive. Strong ability; high-quality aluminum alloy profile frame, flat, beautiful, with corrosion resistance Computer automatic oiler timely, appropriate amount of lubrication for the chain transmission mechanism, always reduce wear, good operation; stainless steel steps, beautiful appearance, resistance Corrosion, anti-fatigue, long-term load use without deformation.


Superior performance and compact structure: With high-strength metal structure, the product's external dimensions are more compact.Beautiful appearance: super-conscious aesthetic design, conforming to the human body's craft design, keeping up with the world trend, making it harmoniously integrated with the building and the surrounding environment.Good comfort: advanced control system and reducer, high-quality drive chain and precise installation process to ensure the running comfort of the product.

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