Why Are The Small Elevators For Homes Maintenance Important?


Small Elevators For Homes needs regular maintenance, an […]

Small Elevators For Homes needs regular maintenance, and many people don't pay much attention to them. Why is Small Elevators For Homes maintenance important? Next, the Small Elevators For Homes manufacturers came to introduce the importance of the Small Elevators For Homes maintenance, together with this article to understand the elevator maintenance.

If you have time, you may wish to compare the elevators of the same brand with the same model to see how different maintenance and maintenance will affect the service life. You know how important maintenance is.

Elevator maintenance is like a "physical examination" of the human body. After the maintenance of the virus, the small problem have not formed a big problem, and it is handled in time. A professional stressed that maintenance is well done and the elevator will last long. Whether the maintenance is in place or not being important to the health of the elevator. Through this comparison, the answer is self-evident. “The same brand, the extra occupants and the extra load are the same, all installed in the mid-1990s. But by contrast, the elevator has a much less frequent frequency of failure. Professionals say that maintenance operations are done. Well, it will effectively reduce the frequency of accidents in the elevator and ensure the safety of the occupants.

Timed view: Family elevators do not require mandatory acceptance, but the time interval for comprehensive viewing of small elevators in the home should not exceed 12 months, especially regarding the validity of the following items;

Door locks device (for the hand-drawn door)

Electrical safety device;

Grounding continuity;

Support and suspension system;

Drive and brake;

Devices that prevent free fall and overspend, such as speed limiters and safety gears;

alarm system;

Door protection devices (eg safety touches panels and light curtains);

Inspection of the inner surface of the hoistway (eg distance, surface, and sharp edges);

Guide rails and guide shoes;

Lighting and emergency lighting.

Why are the Small Elevators For Homes maintenance important? After reading it, you will understand.

The above is the relevant content of the important reasons for the small elevator maintenance for the family, and you should pay attention when purchasing the small elevator.