Why Are The Small Elevators For Homes Expensive


Most villas do not have special elevator shafts. They u […]

Most villas do not have special elevator shafts. They usually use the middle of the stairs, the storage room, the floor or the outside. It can be said that the reserved position of the elevator shaft is very small, but when asked, the smaller the size of the shaft is found. The price of a small elevator for homes is higher. The customer thinks that the smaller the elevator, the lower the price
The standard configuration for Small Elevators For Homes are wire rope mainframe, composite counterweight, and automatic center door. As we all know, almost all residential buildings and office buildings are wire rope mainframes, composite counterweights, and automatic split doors. A large number of applications make this mainframe and door machine technology very mature, and the use of scale also brings down the cost, so Qingdao said that the lowest price of the three-villa elevator is also the same. Even the largest model size is 1300mm × 1200mm, 1100mm × 1400mm, 1200mm × 1300 is still the lowest price because the larger model only adds some metal materials. The impact on this cost change in elevator prices is negligible.
The automatic elevator door device of the small elevators for homes has a large requirement on the size of the elevator shaft. It can meet the opening width of 700mm automatic middle door of wheelchair and stroller. The width of the villa elevator shaft is 1500mm. The width of the 650mm automatic door opening requires a hoistway width of 1400mm. Smaller automatic split doors are not easy to get in and out, so don't consider it. That is to say, the well (including the integrated derrick) has a reserved position of less than 1500 mms, which is impossible to manufacture according to the automatic split door.