Which Elevator Lift Is More Professional


Otse Elevator Co., Ltd. specialize in the research and […]

Otse Elevator Co., Ltd. specialize in the research and development of villas, townhouses, private installations, duplex structures and other villa elevators (wire rope, steel belt, hydraulics), ingenuity, brand marketing, installation and maintenance services. Private buildings go up and down the elevator complex, according to different sites and wells can be designed with a new design concept of round, semi-circular, diamond-shaped and other household elevators suitable for wheelchair access. One-way 220V or 380V, according to the average customer's average usage per day, only about 1.0-3.0 kWh per day. It is about the same amount as a household refrigerator. Energy-saving, quiet, environmentally friendly, revolutionary products, fully in line with international energy-saving standards.
 Otse Elevator Company integrates many excellent design concepts at home and abroad, and continuously develops unique design schemes. It is a professional private elevator integrated enterprise integrating elevator R&D and design, ingenuity creation, brand marketing, and installation and maintenance services.
 Otse private elevator lift provide customers with worry-free travel and simple and low-quality private elevator solutions for each customer's needs. Our elevator products and solutions have been recognized and praised by many customers in the market.