What Type Of Small Elevators For Homes Is Better?


First, introduce several types of Small Elevators For H […]

First, introduce several types of Small Elevators For Homes:
One type, traction type elevator: the traction type is more mature, the application range is wider, the noise is smaller, and the operation is more stable. The traction type has both visited and non-visited. If the spatial scale is compared, the visitor type is used. On the one hand, the lighting is good, on the other hand, it will not be suppressed. The larger the hoistway scale is the gantry type. The existing new traction elevator is a steel belt platform type, which is planned according to the screw type, with high space utilization and 20 cm of pit requirements, which is suitable for small wells and bottomless pits.

The second type, screw elevator: the pit only needs 5mm, the special structure makes the screw elevator not show weight loss, and the top layer requirements are relatively low. Screw elevators are now more dominant in the market, but imported screw elevators are relatively high in price. There are also screw elevators in China, but the noise is slightly larger and the appearance is simple.
Three types of hydraulic elevators: hydraulic elevators have low requirements for civil construction and shallow pits, but the constraint of hydraulic elevators is oil leakage. If installed in indoors, the impact is relatively large.
Home elevators are something that many villas love to install now. With a home elevator, it is as convenient as being in the mall. However, the selection of home elevators has many specifications, and it is not easy to select a suitable home. Below I will explain to you some important elements of choosing a home elevator.
Azimuth, hoistway space and elevator size---azimuth resolution hoistway space and elevator size. The center of the stairs, the corners and the plugs can all be used. The hoistway space is determined according to the environment. The load capacity is recommended for 3-4 people, 225-320KG, and the car interior scale is 0.8-1.1 square meters. The relative load capacity of the area can be larger than that of the passenger elevator, adding comfort.
The style style is determined---closed hoistway with closed car, can be visited on all sides or part of the visit, claiming to install glass windows on the door. Diverse shapes, rectangular, round, combined type can be, look at the environmental conditions, two consider personal love, three consider the cost and difficulty level.


The function and safety measures of the home elevator---the user of the household elevator lacks the professional knowledge of the elevator. There is no special elevator to use the service personnel, and the safety cannot be lowered, so it is better to follow the passenger ladder equipment. There are generally two ways to open the door. Automatic doors and manual doors. Foreign 2nd floor home elevators have no hoistway and no door. However, it is necessary to have safety measures to avoid shear collision. It is recommended that the car be connected to the local extension, and the police will call for help when it is troublesome.