What Are The Reference Factors When Choosing A Villa Elevator ?


        With the wide application of villa home elevato […]

        With the wide application of villa home elevators, many villa owners will mention with the designers when designing and decorating their own love places and reserve the size and space of the villa elevators. However, at present, many villa owners do not know how to choose a suitable home elevator for their villas. In order to purchase elevators according to the inherent way of thinking, it leads to several major mistakes in purchasing elevators.

Next, the professional elevator manufacturer, hangzhouOtse elevator company, will introduce you to the factors that can be reference when choosing a villa elevator.

First, the elevator functions are the same, no difference

       For example, a passenger elevator is like a bus, a villa home elevator is like a private car, and a high-end villa elevator is a personalized private custom private car. Who will buy a reduced version of the bus to be a private car? In the same way, the reduced version of the passenger elevator will not be bought as a villa elevator! Because the villa elevators also meet the safety requirements, they also need to consider the comfort of the ride, low noise, energy saving, space utilization, and individual decoration of the car.

Second, the elevator should choose the big brand

       There are many big brands of elevator manufacturers that do not actually involve the villa home elevator field. Non-standard customization is not their specialty. Moreover, their existing designs have high requirements for elevator shafts, such as the depth of the pit and the height requirements of the top layer, etc., which is more difficult to install in the villa space. The professional villa home elevator manufacturers have made many improvements to the characteristics of the villain design, to meet the environmental conditions of almost all villas installed elevators.

Third, the elevator must be imported

       Almost all foreign elevator brands have production bases of China. Even if it is said to be purely imported, many of its internal components are also produced domestically. You need to pay for a round-trip ticket, so expensive, some are twice as expensive. China is the world's largest exporter of elevators and accessories. I spent more money, but it was actually "MADE IN CHINA".

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