Villa Elevator Safety Guaranteed


  Safety is the most important when using villa elevato […]

  Safety is the most important when using villa elevators, but many owners do not feel comfortable choosing some imported villa elevators. How to ensure the safety of villa elevators, what measures and protections need to be done to ensure the safety of villa elevators. Then follow the professional elevator manufacturer - otse elevator to do a detailed understanding of the relevant aspects.

  The domestic villa elevator industry is more and more, and the technology is more and more exquisite. Many villas and imported villa elevators purchased by owners of self-built houses are almost all produced and assembled in China. Therefore, the domestic villa elevator technology has been very good, why spend more money to buy imported products of high prices? Safety is a problem that every elevator manufacturer must consider. In addition to the structural rationality, reliability, electrical control and drag reliability, the safety of the villa elevator is also set up with special safety devices for various possible dangers.

  1. Protection against over travel

  Villa elevators To prevent the car from running beyond the top or bottom end stations due to control failures, protective devices must be provided to prevent serious consequences and structural damage.

  The protection device for preventing over travel is generally composed of a speed change switch, a limit switch and a limit switch which are arranged near the upper and lower stations in the hoistway. The protection device for preventing over-travel can only prevent the over-travel caused by the control failure of during operation. If the hoisting rope slips, the brake fail or the braking force is insufficient, the protection device cannot do anything.

  2, protection against Overspeed and broken rope

  Villa elevators may cause Overspeed and fall of the car due to control failure, insufficient traction, insufficient brake or insufficient braking force, and broken to overload ropes. Therefore, reliable protection measures must be taken.

  The protection against Overspeed and a broken rope is the safety clamp-speed limiter system. The safety gear is a mechanical device that stops the car (or counterweight) from moving downwards. Safety gears should be provided for any elevator car suspended by a wire rope or chain. Safety gear can also be set for counterweight when there is space under the pit. The safety gears are generally mounted on the bottom beam of the car frame and act on the rails in pairs at the same time.

  3, protection against personnel cut and fall protection

  In the elevator accident, the proportion of accidents in which the person being moved by the moving car cuts or falls into the hoistway is large, and the consequences of these accidents is very serious, so it is very important to protect the household villa elevator from shearing and falling. The protection against falling and shearing of the personnel is mainly borne by the electrical safety contacts of the door, the door lock, and the door.

  When the owner purchases a villa elevator in China, he also chooses to cooperate with the quality villa elevator brand merchants. One is to ensure the safe use of the elevator, and the second is to ensure that the elevator maintenance service is in the late stage.

  To ensure the safety of the elevators in the villas, these are the three aspects that we share with you. It is important to protect against over-travel and protect against Overspeed and broken ropes as well as protection against cuts and falls.