The Design Concept And Characteristics Of China Passenger Elevator


The design of  China Passenger Elevator is based on erg […]

The design of  China Passenger Elevator is based on ergonomics, combined with advanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology and cutting-edge 32-bit embedded microcomputer control system to create a distinguished and elegant appearance and smooth, comfortable, efficient, green and energy-saving. An environmentally friendly Mercedes-like aristocratic enjoyment.


Energy saving
The high-efficiency, energy-saving and low-speed permanent magnet synchronous toothless traction machine saves energy by more than 33% compared with geared elevators of the same load capacity. The specially designed small-volume control cabinet combines state-of-the-art low-loss IGBTs with an optimal design to keep the room space in a sturdy arrangement.


Compact design
A new concept elevator that enhances the value of the building, the machine room area is reduced by more than 40% compared with the traditional elevator, saving construction space and increasing the use area!


Optimize the space and design the wingspan
The use of the inorganic room structure, the control cabinet and the traction machine are flexibly placed in the hoistway, saving the building area, the appearance is simple and simple, and the main architect and the developer have left room for design, which reduces the overall construction cost.


Low noise, low vibration
Using the best components and the most reasonable structural design, effective damping and anti-noise technology, dispersing and offsetting the irregular vibration of the car, achieving peace and natural.