Small Elevators For Homes Designs


  Home small elevator hoistway location and space: The […]

  Home small elevator hoistway location and space: The hoistway location space to determines the elevator and door opening dimensions.

  1. The middle of the stairs, the corners of the stairs, and the external plugs are all acceptable.

  2. Reverse the width of the hoistway with the width of the opening door, and push the height of the car with the height of the top layers.

  3, the recommended weight is 3-4 people, 225-320KG, the size of the car is 0.8 ~ 1.0 square meters. The area relative load can be larger than the passenger ladder to increase comfort.

  3. Pit and top layer: The bottom pit are to install the buffer and to accommodate the car bottom, and the top layer is to be equipped with a traction machine. Some hops can't dig pits, the top level is small, etc. The Small Elevators For Homes must be flexibly designed to suit local conditions.

  1. Generally, the small pit is 150mm. The bottomless pit can be borrowed from the ground using the decorative floor, and then the elevator is raised one step, about 70~100mm.

  2, the top height > 2438mm, the car height is 2032mm

  Fourth, the car plane layout and shape: in order to save the area needs a reasonable layout, the use of double-span open automatic door, the counterweight side of the program is more reasonable. The width of the hoistway is 1200mm, which corresponds to the width of the car 850mm and the width of the door is 700mm.

  1. The U-shaped turns staircase hollow space is preferred to install a small family elevator. Steel structure well, light transmission designs.

  2. If it is a circular arc staircase with a circular arc elevator, it is more beautiful. Two kinds, one is a common semi-arc car with a plane automatic door, and the other is an arc-shaped car with a circular arc-shaped automatic door.

  How to design a small family elevator? The above is the otse elevator to share with you the detailed knowledge about how to design a small elevator in the family, hoping to help everyone have a deeper understanding of the home elevator. The design of the home elevator is mainly divided into the function and safety measures of the elevator, the position and space of the hoistway, the pit and the top floor, and the plane layout and shape of the car. You can refer to it according to your actual needs.