Small Elevators For Homes Designs Concept


  1, security   The safety of the elevator is the most […]

  1, security

  The safety of the elevator is the most important, and the small-sized elevator users in the home are up to the age of 70 or 80. The elderly who are inconvenient to move, the younger children, most of them do not have the expertise of using the younger brothers. Therefore, in design, we must pay attention to the safety performance of household electric samples. Usually, we must pay attention to the following contents of the design of safety performance; safety error, buffer and speed limiter.

  2, comfort

  The comfort of a Small Elevators For Homes is unmatched by a public elevator, and one of the criteria for the quality of the elevator is its comfort. In the process of taking the elevator, the phenomenon of overweight or weight loss will inevitably cause discomfort, especially in the elderly, where the high incidence is high, and the discomfort of the elevator will greatly increase the incidence of the elderly. Therefore, in order to ensure the comfort of the small elevator in the home, the microcomputer automatic control system is adopted in the design process, which can effectively control the elevator speed, thereby improving the comfort of the elevator.

  3, aesthetics

  Small Elevators For Homes are generally used in private villas or duplex houses. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect the artistic style corresponding to the stairs itself, and also meet the aesthetic requirements of the occupants. Stairs can generally reflect the style of interior design, but due to its large footprint and many inconveniences in use, the small elevators in the south are making up for the defects; the small elevators for home use Small, at the same time, can be designed to correspond to the style of the stairs, thus meeting the aesthetic needs of users.