Small China Home Elevators Are Closer To Your Life


As the quality of life improves, the knowledge of China […]

As the quality of life improves, the knowledge of China Home Elevators also needs to be repaired. If the daily maintenance of the elevator is not carried out, the safety of the home elevator cannot be guaranteed. If the elevator needs to be refueled without refueling, it will cause wear and damage of the mechanical parts of the elevator, which will greatly shorten the service life of the elevator.
The knowledge of home elevators is gradually moving towards life. Like most household appliances, elevators cannot be used normally. If there are elevator problems and urgent need for help, you can contact us to provide you with convenient door service.
Otse professional team introduces you to home elevator knowledge maintenance method
Routine maintenance is performed through the operation, observation, inspection, and simple testing of the eyes, nose, hands, ears, body, and equipment. Identify and diagnose symptoms. Regular maintenance is usually performed once every 2 weeks. Regular maintenance is the inspection, repair, replacement and adjustment of certain parts of the equipment to achieve the necessary standards to fundamentally guarantee the quality of the equipment.
What problems should be paid attention to when repairing the home elevator?

1. Maintenance of the elevator hall door and the door. Elevator failures generally occur on elevator doors and car doors. First, the refueling area on the shelf on the door should be well lubricated, and the elevator will not make an unpleasant sound when operating and opening the door.

2. Pay attention to the inspection of the household elevator safety contact panel or the light screen contact panel switch line. Because the frequency of the elevator switch door is high, the switch line will be damaged.
3. Clean and lubricate the home elevator to start. Everyone knows that the guide boots run on the guide rails. There are oil cup boots on the guide. In order to prevent the elevator from running friction, it is necessary to refuel the oil cups and cleaning guide boots regularly, and should be cleaned.

4. Household elevator tractors require lubrication of lubricating oil. If you don't refuel, the elevator will not work for a long time and get well lubricated, causing the elevator tractor and motor to burn. When the elevator is running for a long time, the oil should be changed in time to keep the tractor energized and lubricated. The home elevator knowledge maintenance cycle is recommended to be maintained once every quarter to ensure the safe operation of the elevator; the regular maintenance cycle is usually 2 weeks, and the maintenance professional needs to inspect, maintain and replace the professional equipment. It is generally a relatively simple process and requires maintenance. Observation, inspection, testing and other means to observe and wait.