Reserved Size Of The Installation Screw Elevator


  Nowadays everyone knows that screw elevators are used […]

  Nowadays everyone knows that screw elevators are used in different places, the requirements will be different, but the specific size will still be determined according to the needs of the owners. Nowadays, in order to save space, many developers have reduced the area of ​​the screw elevator a lot, causing problems such as the inability of the owner to enter the elevator when carrying things. Next, follow the otse elevator company to get a detailed understanding of the minimum reserved size required to install the screw elevator.

  The size of the screw elevator is calculated according to the load. The average villa are 3-4 layers high, so the load is below 400 kgs, the size of the hoistway is 1500mmX1500mm; the top height is 2700mm, which is the standard size. The smallest hoistway size is 1200x deep and 1200mm wide, and the car is 800x deep and 800mm deep. This is an otse elevator reference size and cannot be used as a standard for all villa elevator installation sizes.

  The size of the screw elevator is much heavier than that of the villa. Because the floor is high and there are many people carrying heavy loads, it is generally calculated according to the load of 1000 kgs. General screw elevators are used to carry furniture, such as Simmons, sofas and other large items. Therefore, its hoistway size standard is 2100x2200, and the minimum is 2000x2000, which is not much different. Screw elevators are mandatory in some provinces. For example, if the floor height exceeds 12 floors, then two elevators must be installed. At the same time, the elevator car cannot be less than 1600 mms. The car and load capacity directly affects the hoistway. Dimensional, so if the load increases, the car will increase, then the size of the hoistway will be changed from maximum to maximum, and it can be freely designed.