Precautions for Small Elevators For Homes Decoration Designs


  Small Elevators For Homes have become one of the indi […]

  Small Elevators For Homes have become one of the indispensable means of transportation for high-rise residences. Especially in some high-end residences, on the premise of meeting the basic traffic functions of the elevator, modern decoration means are used to create an elevator space environment that is comfortable both visually and psychologically. As a part of the space where people contact the elevator, due to functional and structural factors, Restrictions, small spatial scales, and four-sided enclosure give people a sense of depression and suffocation, which is exactly the problem that the design needs to solve.

  1.Elevator car shapes to design

  In the entire decoration process of Small Elevators For Homes, pattern elements are often used for decoration, which not only takes up space but also has a good visual effect. Due to the small space, I use the method of illusion and use the contrast to the size of points, lines, and areas to create a "psychological space". At the same time, full use of modern decorative materials and processing techniques to enrich the space.

  2.Elevator car colors matching

  The purpose is to make people feel comfortable. In terms of functional requirements, the goal is comfort and warmth, with weak contrasting colors as the main purpose. When designing the color of the elevator space, it must reflect a sense of stability, rhythm, and rhythm.