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Matters needing attention to elevator selection: techni […]

Matters needing attention to elevator selection: technical performance to be considered-reliability, safety, advancement and comfort

Reliability refers to the ability of the Elevator Lift system to maintain the specified function of the specified time.  The performance of reliability mainly means that the faults should be as few as possible during the running time, and once faults occur, they should be easily eliminated.  At the same time, the company provides a comprehensive after-sales configuration, and it is best to have a special maintenance team in the local.

The decoration materials of hall doors, door frames and car can be divided into etched steel plate, mirror steel plate, texture steel plate and sprayed steel plate according to the grade from high to low.  Etched steel plate is a mirror steel plate or hairline steel plate with various patterns etched on it. The decoration is beautiful and gorgeous, which is generally suitable for medium and high-grade commercial public buildings.

Mirrored steel plates are cheaper than etched steel plates and belong to the decoration of medium and high grade elevators. They are made of polished stainless steel plates like mirrors.  This kind of decoration will increase the sense of space in the elevator, and at the same time enhance the practicability (for people who like beauty, they can also prevent the elevator from being a sex maniac).  However, the defect of mirror steel plate is that it is very afraid of abrasion due to fine fabrication. After long-term use, there will be many scratches on the surface, which need to be replaced, increasing the operating cost of the future.

Hairling stainless steel is commonly used for elevator decoration in high-grade residential buildings or low-grade public buildings. Hairling stainless steel plates can be selected in the shape of hair lines. Hairling steel plates looks a little classy, but they are very durable and are used more frequently for elevator decoration.

Sprayed steel plate is the cheapest, and has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. It is suitable for small-sized residential buildings with a large number of young people or various buildings with a low budget. The top coat of sprayed steel plate are also easy to wear and needs to be replaced regularly.

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