Otse China Home Elevator Is More Popular


  In recent years, more and more villa families have be […]

  In recent years, more and more villa families have begun to consider installing elevators to facilitate the up and down of the building and to take care of the safety of the elderly and children. Different from ordinary commercial elevators, Chinese household elevators have unique requirements in elevator safety and design. However, the current domestic elevator brands of China are complicated, and consumers often have difficulty making choices when purchasing. Good quality home elevators have the following advantages. Among many Chinese home elevator brands, Otse China Home Elevator undoubtedly meets the following advantages.

  Reliable product quality

  When purchasing a home elevator, quality is a top priority for consumers. If the quality of the elevator is not good, the price can't be purchased even cheaply, because it is to plug it. In recent years, Otse China's home elevators have invested heavily in the introduction to advanced production equipment such as the Savalini flexible sheet metal processing line and robotic automatic welding system in Europe. Through continuous research and development of new products, the scientific content of its products has been continuously improved. The leap from “manufacturing” to “intellectual creation” has created a new image of advanced technology for Otse China's home elevators. Also, the cooperation with Schindler in Switzerland directly improves the overall strength of Otse China's home elevators, so the quality of its products is quite reliable.

  Reasonable design can be customized

  The humanized design is suitable for the installation of floor structures such as villas, rural self-built high-rise buildings, small houses, and duplex buildings. Including concrete shaft, surrounding staircases, hollow hall, floor opening, outdoor installation, each elevator car and appearance, designed by the design team of Milan fashion industry in Italy, focusing on industrial product aesthetics, with beautiful beauty Style redefines the beauty of elevator art and echoes the style of home decoration

  High-cost performance

  Although most of the villas are rich and wealthy, don't think they will pay attention to the price/performance ratio of the home elevator. Regardless of the identity, the status of consumers, when buying a home elevator, the price is what they will look at. It is understood that the home elevators launched by Otse China's home elevators are also very pleasant in terms of cost performance. Not only are the quality reliable, but also the price is also very happy.