Management Of China Passenger Elevators


  Main contents of the management of China passenger el […]

  Main contents of the management of China passenger elevators

  According to the provisions of professional elevator management personnel required for passenger elevator management in China, all personnel engaged in elevator management must hold a qualification certificate recognized by the relevant national or local management department.

  Prepare all the tools, instruments, etc. necessary for elevator maintenance, as well as the parts and consumables commonly used in the daily maintenance of elevators, and understand and register elevator supply channels and various professional technical service companies.

  Carry out elevator electricity measurement and running cost calculation to calculate the elevator use cost.

  Establish elevator technical files, classify and archive the original technical data and inspection and maintenance data of the elevator, and keep them properly.

  Determine the elevator service time and cleaning and maintenance time according to the nature of the property and the characteristics of the flow of people and logistics.

  When entrusting elevator maintenance work to a professional company, the registered property manager's examination times in 2012 should carefully review the contractor's professional technical level and professional qualifications, carefully monitor the implementation of the contract and regularly evaluate the contractor's services.

  Elevators must be inspected annually by the government's technical supervision department to obtain an annual inspection certificate before they can continue to be used.