Knowledge Of Using Small Elevators For Homes


  With the improvement in the quality of life, Small El […]

  With the improvement in the quality of life, Small Elevators For Homes is gradually moving towards home life. If the elevator needs to be refueled without refueling, if the elevator is not maintained daily, the safety of the small home elevator will not be guaranteed, which will cause elevator machinery. The abrasion and damage to components make the service life of the elevator greatly shortened. Small household elevators, like most household appliances, require maintenance and cannot be used normally. People of Small Elevators For Homes can learn more about elevator maintenance and use precautions.

  What problems should be paid attention to when maintaining Small Elevators For Homes?

  1. Pay attention to the inspection of the safety touch panel or light curtain type touches panel switch line of small household elevators, because the frequency of the elevator door opening and closing is high, the switch line will be damaged.

  2. Maintenance of small domestic elevator hall doors and car doors. The first are to refuel at the refueling place on the upper shelf of the door and keep it well lubricated. Elevator failures are usually on the elevator hall doors and car doors. The elevator will not emit unpleasant sounds during the operation and opening of the doors.

  3. Cleaning and lubrication of small domestic elevator car guide shoes. There is an oil cup on the guide shoe. If the elevator does not generate friction noise during operation, the oil cup must be refueled and the guide shoe cleaned regularly. Everyone knows that the guide shoe runs on the guide rail and the car should be cleaned.

  4. The traction machine of a small home elevator needs oil lubrication. If there is no refueling, the oil should be changed in time after the elevator has been running for a long time, so that the traction machine always keeps fresh and good lubrication. Elevator running for a long time will not be well lubricated, which will lead to burnout of the elevator traction machine and motor.