Introduction Of Hydraulic Small Elevators For Homes


  A small elevator for homes is a small type of equipme […]

  A small elevator for homes is a small type of equipment for the home going up and down. It solves the inconvenience of elderly children going up and downstairs. Small elevators for homes are increasingly used in homes. With its convenient and fast characteristics, it plays an increasingly important role in our lives.

  The hydraulic small household elevator is an elevator that uses hydraulic power to press the oil into the oil cylinder to make the oil cylinder move linearly and directly moves the car indirectly through the wire ropes chain. The hydraulic elevator is easy to use, cheap, and cheaper than ordinary passenger elevators More than half, but the safety factor is extremely high.

  Advantages of hydraulic small elevators for homes

  1: The hydraulic elevator has low requirements for the civil structure. The height of the top floor can be installed as long as it is more than 2600mm, and the foundation pit can be 100mm or more.

  2: hydraulic elevator will not run out of speed

  Although small household elevators are more convenient, because of new products, they also have some shortcomings, lack of comfort, noise sources generated by motors and oil pumps are close, the operation is not stable, and the speed adjustment is based on the amount of oil in the pump station and When the elevator is adjusted by pressure, there will be a feeling of shaking or sinking when the elevator is running. There will be an oil leakage phenomenon. After the service life of the cylinder, piston expires, or when there are wear and tear, the hydraulic oil will leak into the hoistway, easily causing indoor air Oil pollution. But with the development of technology, we will continue to study, we will continue to innovate, products are more and more suitable for people's lives.