Install China Home Elevators To Make Your Life More Secure


In the life of modern people, it is very convenient to […]

In the life of modern people, it is very convenient to use elevators in the upper and lower floors. Nowadays, many self-built houses in rural areas are popular for installing an elevator. The utility model does not occupy land. The space of one square meter can hold three or four people, one self-built villa, and the elevator is installed. The quality is better than the commercial house. The house has also appreciated a lot and is getting more and more popular.


This type of home elevator is a small kind of inorganic room, an indoor elevator without a pit. Traditional elevators need to be demolished and built, so there is no need to build a well.China Home Elevators are available in traction, hydraulic and screw. The general traction elevator application is more versatile, the installation is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and the two-story or above can be installed.


The ultra-small elevator refers to an area of 1.2*0.9 meters or less. This type of elevator saves room space and improves utilization, and is generally in the corner of the house.
General household elevators are custom-made products, and the color matching of the appearance supports the customer's own matching, such as glass, color, size and so on. This will match the style of the interior, and it will be more harmonious and taller.
Household elevators are generally under 400KG and can take 2~5 people at the same time. The lifting speed per second is 40 cm. This speed does not have any feeling for hypertensive patients, so it is very safe.


From the noise point of view, the noise of the home elevator will not exceed 60 decibels, and the energy consumption of the entire elevator is low. It is only equivalent to the electricity consumption of a refrigerator. It is very environmentally friendly, and there is no need to worry about power outages. There is a backup power supply. Can be started in the absence of electricity.
Home elevators are already standard on the home, and an elevator is installed to allow families to enjoy a more advanced lifestyle.