How To Solve The Screw Elevator Noise Problem


  Today, Otse screw elevators company came to talk to y […]

  Today, Otse screw elevators company came to talk to you about how to solve the screw elevator noise.

  The screw elevator noise pollution is different from the general noise condition and belongs to low-frequency noise pollution with slight vibration pollution. The main transmission route is a solid sound transmission, and the general noise are air as a sound transmission medium. The reinforced concrete slab is a high-density material, and the low-frequency sound propagates in it. The speed is fast and the attenuation is low. For the above characteristics, the following measures are taken.

  First, the electromagnetic radiation noise of the power distribution cabinet is also one of the strong pollution sources. The composite foundation with the lowest excitation frequency are 1HZ for the power distribution cabinet foundation; the incoming and outgoing wires are used for soft contact treatment, and the rigid connection between the building and the floor is broken to form the “sounds bridge”. , cut off electromagnetic low-frequency noise from the root.

  Second, the original screw elevator mainframe, the foundation of the power distribution cabinet is rigidly connected with the reinforced concrete of the building, which becomes the main "sound bridge" for the noise of the screw elevator. The original foundation is transformed into a composite broadband K value (neck coefficient) damping and noise reduction basis to block the propagation path of low-frequency noise.