How To Maintain China Home Elevators


 Maintenance method of China home elevators:  Pay atten […]

 Maintenance method of China home elevators:
 Pay attention to the carrying capacity of China's home elevators. The carrying capacity of different elevators is different. We should use them according to the load capacity of our own installed elevators. Do not use them frequently, which will not only to increase the load of the villa elevators but also let the elevators The probability of damage increases.
 China's home elevator maintenance method two:
 The elevator is cleaned regularly. If the elevator is not cleaned and maintained frequently, it is easy to get dirty. Therefore, the cleaning of the Chinese household elevator is carried out regularly, and the elevator is also maintained. However, it is necessary to wipe the elevator car and the door with stainless steel maintenance oil. Do not use corrosive cleaning products such as washing spirits.
 The cleaning and cleaning work of the home elevator car mainly includes the elevator door, the inner wall of the car, the inner slot of the car door, and the cleaning of the car floor. Because of the privacy and the small flow of people, the home elevator can be cleaned once a month.
 China's home elevator maintenance method three:
 Pay attention to the maintenance cycle of China's home elevators. We all know that the elevators in the villas will have maintenance intervals. We have to carry out regular maintenance according to the maintenance period specified by them. This will help us extend the service life of the elevators.
 The regular maintenance period of the villa elevator is usually about 6 months. Maintenance professionals are required to inspect, repair and replace the equipment in the elevator operation through professional equipment to ensure the safe operation of the elevator.
 China's home elevator maintenance method four:
 Some parts of the elevator are regularly lubricated. After many elevators are used for a long time, their working efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, the lubrication of the parts is also the maintenance of the elevator.
 Generally speaking, in the maintenance process of the indoor elevator of the villa, whether it is a hydraulic type or a traction type elevator, the lubricating oil is an essential maintenance product. When the elevator is used for a long time, problems such as elevator operation failure and poor lifting may likely occur, and proper treatment with lubricating oil can maintain stability and safety factor during operation.
 to sum up
 The maintenance function of China's home elevators is to prevent accidents and ensure the safe operation of the elevators. The second is to adjust the comfort of the elevators so that you feel more stabler when you take the elevator. Therefore, the maintenance of Chinese home elevators is very necessary.