How To Choose The Right Villa Elevator?


The technical specifications of the villa elevator and […]

The technical specifications of the villa elevator and the public passenger elevator are very different. The elevator load of the villa can not exceed 400kg, and the common elevators have 630kg and 800kg. The elevator speed of the villa cannot exceed 0.4m/s. The top level refers to the vertical distance between the floor of a layer of elevator car and the protruding members below the roof of the hoistway. Lifting height does not refer to the height of the floor. It refers to the stroke of the elevator.


For example, if the distance between the first floor and the second floor is 3 meters, the lifting height is 3 meters instead of 6 meters. The lifting height does not include the height of the pit and the top floor. Not more than 15m. The landing refers to the number of floors that the elevator passes and the number of stops. For example, the four-story and three-station means that there is a layer, and the Villa Elevator is usually the third floor of the ground. The height of the door opening is generally 2m and 2.1m. When the height of the rough room is measured, the thickness of the finished surface is reduced. The specific size should be communicated with the designer in detail. For the sake of space saving, the villa elevator can also choose the side-opening automatic door. Because the side-opening automatic door can save the building area and make the most use of the width of the hoistway, it can also be easily used by the disabled and the elderly with limited mobility, and it also reflects the humanized design considerations. When purchasing a villa elevator, it should be viewed from the perspective of safety, stability, after-sales and operation.


The first is to regard safety as a concern, and to determine the safety and reliability of the elevator.The elevators that have passed the state inspection are safe and secure and can be used with peace of mind.The stability of the elevator, the low failure rate, and the after-sales service are also very important. Try to choose a brand with reliable quality and worry-free after-sales. Whether the experience of taking the elevator is comfortable or not, it is also a factor to consider.