How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An Elevator Lift?


  In an increasingly aging society, with more and more […]

  In an increasingly aging society, with more and more elderly people, to make the elderly in the family or the families with limited mobility feel comfortable going up and down the stairs, some people will want to add an elevator to the house and give them more comfortable and safe living environment. But you may not know that there is an Elevator Lift in the house that you don't want to add. You need to go through a series of procedures, and the tax that you need to pay each year will also have to pay for your own pockets, so as not to burden too much.

  Indoor elevators can't be said to be loaded, and both the laws and taxes must be taken into account.

  According to the provisions of the Building Law, if people want to install an elevator in a house below 5 floors, they need to apply for a miscellaneous license to the competent construction authority on the county or city where they are located. After the completion of the construction, they must first pass the acceptance and obtain a license to use. After the annual and monthly inspections, they are subject to maintenance inspection.

  In fact, in addition to the freight elevators do not have to pay taxes, general commercial, elevator elevators need to pay taxes, according to the elevator, the tax rate will be different. In general, elevators in buildings also need to pay a house tax with added value, but because the average is distributed over all households, the number is relatively small, and it does not feel much. In the case of elevator elevators, it is necessary to assess the value of the elevators, and then tax 1.2%, which is not a small burden of the average family.