How Can A Small Elevators For Homes Was Safe


  Small Elevators For Homes are divided into traction e […]

  Small Elevators For Homes are divided into traction elevators, hydraulic elevators, screw elevators, and a forced traction elevator.

  At present, traction elevators are mainly used in public areas and require frequent maintenance. Hydraulic elevators are more likely to withstand heavy loads, but they are prone to oil leakage, have odor problems, and are more complicated to maintain. Therefore, they are generally used in industry and ports. In the ship and other industries; the screw elevator itself originated in Europe, in order to solve the problem of population aging, safety, convenience, an elevator that does not have much influence on the existing structure, and then introduced to China, because the nut screw occlusion mechanism, the elevator basic There will be no falling ladders, toppings, etc. Secondly, like Retko's Small Elevators For Homes, because there is no car, it can also use a glass hoistway, so it is safe from people with claustrophobia, the only thing to watch out for. The ladder phenomenon, but because there is no car, the elevator is not a confined space, so even if a trapezoidal phenomenon occurs, there will be no suffocation.

  In summary, the Small Elevators For Homes use screw-driven elevators, which are relatively safe. You can find a few more comparisons. Because the Small Elevators For Homes are semi-closed, safety is the first.