Do You Know The Advantages Of Small Elevators For Homes


  Do you know the advantages of small elevators for hom […]

  Do you know the advantages of small elevators for homes? Many owners choose the style of small elevators for homes because of the limitation of the indoor environment when they choose home elevators. However, many people do not understand the advantages and selection of small elevators for homes. So today, Otse home elevators bring everyone The advantages of small elevators for homes, let's take a look.

  1. No shaft is required: the bottom pit is only 100mm, or no bottom pit is provided to facilitate the layout of the building. The height of the top floor is not less than 2600mm, which is determined according to the specific structure. The building wall does not need to strengthen the special design, as long as space is reserved for any position. It greatly simplifies building requirements for elevator design.

  2. Improve building utilization: The compact and reasonable structural design increases your precious villa space. The ratio of the area of ​​the car to the area of ​​the hoistway can reach 64%. Generally, only about 42% of the traction elevator without a machine room.

  3. Sightseeability: The car and the frame shaft is decorated with glass, which makes the home elevator unique to sightseeing. When you take the elevator, you can feel the beauty of your home, enjoy a beautiful life, and suddenly feel cheerful.

  4. Low noise: The domestic hydraulic elevator is driven by a 220V elevator. At the same time, the elevator's control and sound insulation technology are optimized to make the elevator noise control around 30-50 decibels, which meets the requirements of household mute.

  5.Environmental protection and energy saving: The power of the domestic hydraulic elevator is only about 2KW, and it is only driven by the motor when the elevator goes up, and the elevator uses the dead weight to make the elevator go down. Electricity makes it possible for elevators to be used as homes.