China Home Elevator Purchased Cost


  Household elevators must comply with national standar […]

  Household elevators must comply with national standards, so the cost of home elevators needs to be analyzed in the cost of the manufacturer's compliance with national standards. The cost analysis was carried out with a 1000 KG, 1.0 M/S, 6-story home elevator.

  The cost of China Home Elevators should include the following components: component costs, fixed costs, procurement and sales expenses, labor wages, energy consumption, packaging, and profits and taxes. This part of the cost is unmovable, and the only flexibility is profit.

  The profit of the household elevator manufacturing company is generally divided by the cost of all the cost and 0.9 as the lowest price. Accounting for a common organic room home elevator, regardless of the size of the enterprise, the size of the brand, a 1000KG, 1.0M / S, 6-story 6-station 6-door, VVVF control, stainless steel car and first-layer stainless steel door, the factory cost is about Between 90,000 and 15,000/set, the factory ex-factory price is about 100,000 to 120,000/set. The ex-factory price of general household elevator enterprises does not include sales expenses, so the sales price of household elevators is 5% higher than the cost price, mainly due to sales expenses and sales management expenses. Therefore, the direct sales of enterprises or the price of agents are about 105,000-16,000. / Taiwan, adding a layer price at the same speed is about 4500-5000 yuan. All of the above prices are the latest parts. If the sales price is less than 100,000 units per purchase, it is difficult to guarantee that all are the latest parts.