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OTSE Residential Elevator is suitable for private resid […]

OTSE Residential Elevator is suitable for private residences, high-rise duplex, villas and other places, a variety of programs for customers to choose, free to choose a personalized decoration style, to provide real high-end services for the owners. Easy to install, it provides you with a safe and smooth ride solution. It is suitable for use in the middle of stairs and other places with narrow positions.

Like a five-story building, if you have an elderly person in your home, it is hard to climb the building. Generally, a four-story home elevator will be installed to facilitate you and your family to go up and down the stairs. But how to install a four-story home elevator?
The fact that it is more troublesome to install a home elevator. The elevator shaft is directly related to the installation of the entire elevator. If the villa is designed to take into account the installation of the villa elevator, then the well can be reserved in The reserved hoistway size needs to be accurately calculated and measured to ensure the accuracy of the reserved hoistway size, which makes the elevator installation in the future easy and simple. Need to explain here, the reserved size of the villa elevator shaft given by The manufacturer is generally the standard size. If the elevator opens in different directions, the size is different., and it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer when reserving the size of the hoistway, so as to avoid rectification in the future and increase unnecessary Costs.

In addition to this hoist-free Villa Elevator, there is also a self-contained hoistway elevator. For this self-contained hoistway villa elevator product, the owner only needs to cover enough space to install it, no need for civil construction, and easy Installation. This villa is generally combined with stairs and stairs to make reasonable use of the family space.
Otse provides a villa elevator which is a self-contained household elevator. It has an integrated machine room, and the steel plate is sprayed. The space utilization rate is up to 74.2%, and it is safe and comfortable. Villa elevator with space efficiency And cost effectiveness. Welcome to visit!