China Passenger Elevator Safety Ride Knowledge


  Today, I will tell you about the safety of taking a p […]

  Today, I will tell you about the safety of taking a passenger elevator in China. I hope that you can pay attention to these problems when you take the passenger elevator in China and protect your personal safety.

  1. When taking the passenger elevator in China, please check if there is a maintenance and maintenance fence on the door of the Chinese passenger elevator. There is a safety hazard in the Chinese passenger elevator that is under maintenance or with a malfunction.

  2. It is unavoidable to see if the China passenger elevator car is parked blindly on the floor, otherwise it may lead to the accident of the person falling into the hoistway.

  3. Do not kick, squat, squat, or slam the door when waiting (multiply): otherwise there is a danger that the passenger may fall into the hoistway or be cut by the car.

  4. When the Chinese passenger elevator runs, try to leave the door and stand. You can use the armrests in the car to stand up and support.

  5. When the passenger elevator in China is overloaded, do not squeeze into the car or move in: otherwise it will cause the Chinese passenger elevator not to close the door, which will affect the operation efficiency. If the situation is serious, the traction rope will slip, the car will slide down, and even the personnel will be cut. Cut the accident.