China Passenger Elevator Rides Considerations


  1. Before coming to the China passenger elevator, the […]

  1. Before coming to the China passenger elevator, the passengers first check to see if there is a “stopping overhaul” sign. Passengers do not want to ride.

  2. In the event of a fire, the Chinese passenger elevator should be parked on the floor where the fire or fireworks is not spreading. Passengers are prohibited from using the Chinese passenger elevator to escape, but to escape from the safe exit of the stairs.

  3. When the passenger elevator in China is in trouble, the passenger should not be alarmed. The intercom or alarm button should be used to inform the maintenance personnel to rescue. Do not tamper with it. Waiting is a wise choice to ensure safety.

  4. After the passenger elevator in China stops, passengers should pay attention to the level of the floor and floor of the passenger elevator car in China when entering or leaving the Chinese passenger elevator. If it is not flat, it indicates that there is a fault of the passenger elevator in China, and the maintenance should be promptly notified.

  5. When taking the passenger elevator in China, please do not to play, beat or fight in the Chinese passenger elevator, so as not to affect the normal operation of the Chinese passenger elevator; prohibit smoking and littering with the passenger elevator of China. China's passenger elevators are safe to keep the passenger elevators clean and unobstructed.

  6. China's passenger elevators should be regularly maintained and inspected by qualified professional manufacturers; the passenger elevators in China will be issued and the property management company will be notified.