Business History

In 2000, Hangzhou Jintai Materials Co., Ltd., the predecessor of OTSE Elevator, began to produce household villa elevators for professional elevator companies in China.

2002 Developed patented technology for screw elevators


March 2011 OTSE Elevator was established

In 2012, won 8 villa elevator utility model patents

2013 Screw elevator obtained CE certification

2017 OTSE Elevator factory expanded again, moved from Huangjia Village, Jianggan District, Hangzhou to Gezhuang Bridge, Yuhang District, Hangzhou


Our Advantage

Can be customized, customized according to the special situation of the customer site,

Good at villa elevators with small size hoistway, bottomless pit (shallow pit) and machine room.


Our Commitment

We are a professional elevator manufacturer with its own elevator production base. The core components such as sheet metal parts, aluminum alloy profiles and mainframes are all cooperated by ourselves or well-known suppliers.